SCHURTER is an internationally leading innovator and manufacturer of fuses, connectors, circuit breakers, input systems and EMC products as well as a PCB assembly service provider for the electronics industry.
SCHURTER strives to maintain a high rate of growth and return as a leading partner for passive electromechanical components (Fuses, Circuit Breakers, Connectors, EMC filters and Input systems). Our main focus is to provide safe, clean power and make the interface between human and machine easier. Based on customer requirements we develop, manufacture and provide value added services over a professional network of worldwide affiliates and distributors

Our customers require products approved for use in the international marketplace. They look to us for innovative Products and Services. We accept these challenges as opportunities and focus on the electronic segments of IT/Telecom, Aerospace, Medical, Instrumentation as well as the Industrial markets, with particular focus on the growing market of Renewable Energies.

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EMC Products
Fuses & Fuseholder Input Systems Circuit Breakers


We focus on components and systems ensuring the clan and safe supply of power and ease of use of electrical equipment according to IEC 60950.

The assortment encloses: Fuse-Links, Varistors, Circuit Breakers for Equipment, IEC 6320 Appliance Couplers, Cord sets, Metall- and Membrane Keypads, Switches Touch Screens and Touch Panels, Cabinet and Control Systems, 1- und 3-phase Line Filter with and without Appliance Inlets, Chokes, Pulse Transformers, Driver Modules, Voltage Selectors, Test Jacks and Probes, Indicators, Audio-, DC-, DIN-, Data- and Signal Connectors.

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Circuit Protection Connectors Input Systems EMC Products


SCHURTER products are certified according to the following standards and carry country specific approvals.


Founding of SCHURTER

The company was founded by Heinrich Schurter in 1933. It changed its corporate from a limited partnership to a private limited corporation in 1949. All activities are centralized into the SCHURTER Holding AG based in Lucerne since 1990.

SCHURTER is a privately owned company and is run by family members in its third generation.

Hans-Rudolf Schurter heads the SCHURTER group and is the chairman of the board of directors in the SCHURTER Holding AG. Bruno Schurter, a US resident, is the VP of SCHURTER Holding AG and CEO of SCHURTER Inc. located in Santa Rosa, California.. He is also responsible for all marketing activities within the SCHURTER group.

Factory Technology

SCHURTER offers comprehensive solution packages - from the initial concept down to the delivery of the systems ready for mounting. More than 50 engineers are dedicated to developing our products and manufacturing systems. Our expertise encompasses injection molding, metalworking, electroplating, assembly using automated manufacturing systems, clean-room touch panel assembly, casing systems manufacturing and PCB assembly as well as EMC product development and manufacturing.




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