PowerlinePlus DC/DC converters

 PowerlinePlus converters are one of the most efficient DC-DC power solution modules available and satisfy the unique requirements of many military, avionics, and high-end industrial applications with a case temperature operating range of -45°C to +120°C, built-in Class B EMC filters and fully protected outputs. PowerlinePlus converters combine a high efficiency design with a revolutionary integrated heat sink case with to deliver more power over a wider temperature range while requiring less space and cost than equivalent solutions previously offered for these demanding applications.

Main Features:
  • Case Temperature Operating Range of -45°C to +120°C
  • Ambient Temperature Range Up to +100°C (Natural Convection)
  • Guaranteed Start-up at -45°C Ambient.
  • Built-in FCC/ EN55022 Class B EMC Filter (no external components required)
  • Think Green: High Efficiency and Low Stand-by Current
  • Six-Sided Shielded Enclosure with Integrated Heat Sink
  • Compact, Low Weight Case
  • High Galvanic Isolation of up to 3KVDC
  • Fully Protected Outputs
  • Industry Standard Pin-outs
  • Substantially Lower Cost compared with Equivalent Specialist Converters