BUSSMANN (EATON)的新型保险丝座为高压太阳能装置增强安全性-2017-06-01

电源管理公司Eaton伊顿公司今天推出了专为1500伏(伏特)光伏(PV)系统设计的新型Bussmann系列DIN-Rail保险丝座。 CHPV15L85保险丝座的独特设计在提取位置时覆盖带电部件,通过防止更换保险丝时意外接触,提供高度的工作人员安全性。

"Eaton伊顿Bussmann为太阳能应用提供各种过流保护装置,保护系统设备的宝贵平衡,支持正常运行时间并保证人员安全,"Eaton伊顿公司产品线经理Kristine Stoll说。 "我们最新的保险丝座增强了这一产品组合,有助于防止意外接触高压太阳能环境中的带电组件。"


Power management company Eaton today introduced new Bussmann series DIN-Rail fuse holder specifically designed for 1500-volt (v) photovoltaic (PV) systems. The unique design of the CHPV15L85 fuse holder covers live parts when in the extracted position, offering a high degree of worker safety by preventing accidental contact during fuse replacement. 

"Eaton's Bussmann delivers a wide range of overcurrent protective devices for solar applications that protect the valuable balance of system equipment, support uptime and keep personnel safe," said Kristine Stoll, product line manager at Eaton. "Our latest fuse holder addition strengthens this portfolio by helping to prevent accidental contact with live components in high-voltage solar environments."

Eaton's Bussmann IP20 finger-safe CHPV15L85 fuse holders meet global agency standards to simplify designs for worldwide markets, and are engineered for use with 10x85 and 14x85 millimeter cylindrical gPV fuses. The fuse holder is UL® and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) rated up to 32 amps.