BUSSMANN (EATON)系列配电熔断器盒产品组合让面板空间节省65%-2016-09-08



耐受额定值高达200千安培(kA)有助于实现更高的设备短路电流额定值(SCCR),符合美国国家电气规范(NEC®)第110.10,409.110(4),409.22,440.4(B)部分, 670.3(A)(4)和670.5。高耐受等级和更少的组件使高设备SCCR更容易实现,同时降低整体外壳操作温度。

Eaton伊顿公司Bussmann部门产品经理Darren McDowell表示:"我们的配电保险丝盒对证明了保险丝盒技术具有配电功能,可以减少占用空间并简化面板配置。" "通过提供有助于符合规范,降低库存成本和增强安全性的功能,新技术的开发也有利于广泛的客户应用。"


Power management company Eaton today announced the expansion of its Bussmann™ series power distribution fuse block (PDFB) portfolio. Combining a fuse block and power distribution block into one component, this patented, innovative design requires up to 65 percent less panel space than traditional solutions. Additionally, the PDFBs use fewer wire connections, reducing material, installation time and labor by 33 percent.

The Bussmann™ series PDFBs are now available for 30 to 400 amp Class J ferrule and knifeblade fuses as well as 30 and 60 amp Class H(K) and R ferrule fuses. PDFBs up to 60 amps feature DIN-Rail and panel mount versatility for ease of installation. The innovative PDFB design eliminates wire runs from the fuse block to a power distribution block to reduce component count, material costs and labor.

A withstand rating of up to 200 kilo amperes (kA) helps achieve a higher equipment Short-Circuit Current Rating (SCCR) for compliance with National Electrical Code (NEC®) sections 110.10, 409.110(4), 409.22, 440.4(B), 670.3(A)(4) and 670.5. The high withstand rating and fewer components make high equipment SCCR easier to achieve while resulting in a lower overall enclosure operating temperature.

"Our power distribution fuse block pairs proven fuse block technology with power distribution capability to use less space and simplify panel configuration," said Darren McDowell, product manager, Eaton's Bussmann division. "The new technology was also developed to benefit a wide range of customer applications by offering features that help with code compliance, lower inventory costs and enhance safety."

Optional see-through covers are available for most versions, providing IP20 finger-safe protection, lockout/tagout capability for enhanced safety, and optional open fuse indication to speed troubleshooting.