BUSSMANN (EATON)为可熔电路保护解决方案提供定制工程-2016-05-25



"伊顿Bussmann系列保险丝产品线经理Vini Petroni表示:"通过与我们的定制工程团队合作开发改良产品或完全独特的解决方案,客户能够比传统的新产品开发更快地进入市场。


Power management company Eaton now provides custom order engineering to provide customers with Bussmann® series fusible circuit protection solutions to unique or demanding applications. Eaton's custom order engineering team, a dedicated group of design and manufacturing engineers, can help customers with modifications to existing products.

With more than 70,000 standard Bussmann series products, Eaton provides solutions for industrial, commercial, alternative energy, electric vehicle and mission-critical applications. Yet, power distribution and equipment designs can sometimes require non-standard products to solve overcurrent or overvoltage circuit protection challenges.

"By collaborating with our custom order engineering team to develop a modified product or an entirely unique solution, customers are able to get to market faster than working through conventional new product development," said Vini Petroni, product line manager, Bussmann series fuses at Eaton.

Eaton's engineering team can customize products to help accommodate unique space constraints, mounting requirements, terminal configurations or plating, packaging or labeling demands. Eaton is also able to meet further current or voltage rating requirements, as well as test to additional agency standards.