BUSSMANN (EATON)快速陶瓷熔断器提高危险环境应用的安全性-2015-8-11


"伊顿Bussmann电子部全球产品经理Vincent Wang表示:"本质安全型屏障网络制造商需要能在极端危险条件下防止爆炸的快速器件。"该保险丝系列提供先进的过流保护,符合国际规定的安全要求,即电气设备需要在存在高挥发性材料的环境中使用。"


这些保险丝的陶瓷管结构符合适用于爆炸性环境的 EN60079-11 标准,具有很高的分断额定值,可为交流电 (AC) 和直流电 (DC) 提供高达 250 伏 (V) 和 250 毫安 (mA) 的电路保护。

这些速断型 C308F 保险丝的分断能力高达 4,000 安培(A),尺寸为 3 x 8.4 毫米,结构紧凑。

Bussmann C308F系列保险丝可用于符合国际自动化学会国际标准(ANSI/ISA-RP12.6:电压小于 1.5V、电流小于 0.1A、工作时功率小于 25 毫瓦)的本安设备,如接触器、热电偶、LED、无感电位器和电阻器。它们还可用于变送器、传感器、电磁阀和继电器等非简单设备。

Power management company Eaton today announced the C308F Bussmann Series of fast-acting, ceramic tube fuses for intrinsic safety requirements used in hazardous environments such as network barriers and other equipment used in mines, oil drilling structures, gas stations, gas meters, chemical refineries and hazardous material transportation.

"Manufacturers of intrinsically safe barrier networks need fast-acting devices that prevent explosions in extremely hazardous conditions," said Vincent Wang, global product manager for Eaton's Electronics Division. "This fuse line offers advanced overcurrent protection that meets internationally-defined safety requirements where electrical equipment is required in the presence of highly volatile materials."

Intrinsic Safety (IS) is universally recognized under the specification EN60079-11, which is a low-energy signaling technique that prevents explosions from occurring during industrial activity by ensuring that the energy transferred to a hazardous area is well below the energy required to initiate an explosion.

The ceramic tube construction of these fuses meets EN60079-11 standards for explosive environments and delivers a high interrupting rating for circuit protection up to 250 volts (V) and 250 milliAmperes (mA) for both alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) power.

These fast-acting C308F fuses provide a high breaking capacity of 4,000 amperes (A) in a compact 3 x 8.4-millimeter size.

The C308F Bussmann series fuses can be used in intrinsically safe devices defined according to the international standard by the International Society for Automation (ANSI/ISA-RP12.6: less than1.5V, less than 0.1A, and less than 25 milliWatt during operation) such as contactors, thermocouples, LEDs, non-inductive potentiometers and resistors. They can also be used for non-simple devices such as transmitters, transducers, solenoid valves, and relays.